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Gateway Mesa - April 24, 2024

Our May hike at Gateway Mesa was simply enchanting, especially along the Legacy Trail. An unusual abundance of Oregon grapeholly made a lovely ground cover among the Ponderosa Pines and Douglas Firs. Multiple water drainages create small, softly dripping waterfalls that feed the many-shades-of-green mosses. We spotted an owl flying through the dense forest, and we enjoyed the antics of a prairie dog colony as we walked along Chuck’s Trail on top of the mesa. 

Spruce Mountain - April 24, 2024

On a windy, but sunny day we returned to one of our favorite hikes near Larkspur. We discovered changes in the trail which lead by some beautiful hoodoo rock formations.  Everyone loved the expansive views from Pikes Peak to Long's Peak from several of the overlooks.  Our hike leader Jane pointed out the unique and pretty pasqueflowers along the trail.

Waterton Canyon - March 22, 2024

After recent spring snowstorms we needed to change locations for our first hike of 2024. We found the trail at Waterton Canyon to be dry and very pleasant. We hiked the two mile marker and then returned back downhill and held our devotional time alongside the rushing waters of the South Platte River.  We each had a plastic easter egg with a spring devotional message inside that we shared with the group. A lovely day with the only disappointment being no sightings of the bighorn sheep.

Sandstone Ranch Open Space - November 8, 2023

We returned to this popular Open Space area in Douglas County near Larkspur.  This time we hiked the Sandstone Ranch Loop to the Ranch Overlook on a brisk November morning. Everyone loved the wide open space and views.

Lincoln Mountain Open Space - October 17, 2023

This newer open space in Southeastern Douglas County was a new space for us to explore. We especially loved the views of Pikes Peak and the Front Range.

White Ranch - September 22, 2023

We hiked a variation of the scenic and somewhat remote Rawhide Trail, lined with pine trees and evergreen forest, to an area with views of the eastern plains and Denver.

Family Potluck and Paddling - August 6, 2023

Suanne and Jared Ediger hosted our annual family-centered end-of summer gathering at Jamison Beach in Chatfield State Park.

Burning Bear on Guanella Pass - July 12, 2023

The highlight of this beautiful meadow and forest hike was learning about and seeing the red squirrel "kitchen" middens, made of shredded pine cones. 

Welch Ditch Trail - May 23, 2023

This trail along Clear Creek Canyon was enjoyed for the creek and the fascinating history of the Welch Ditch plume which delivered 1.8 millions of gallons of water to Golden each day in the early 1900's.

Dawson Butte - March 24, 2023

We kicked off the hiking season with a gorgeous day hiking around the butte and enjoyed sharing lunch together at Guadalajara restaurant in Castle Rock afterwards.

Green Mountain - October 20, 2022

This late afternoon hike was followed by dinner at the delicious Cafe Jordano restaurant.

Bicycle, Blessings, & Brunch with Melinda Davidson, Friday, October 7, 2022

Melinda led a low intensity, flat bike ride along the beautiful Mary Carter Greenbelt (near Hudson Gardens). Across our rich autumnal landscape, the joy of being in community with an offering for love and personal inner connection we traveled far along the South Platte River. Along the journey, we stopped and Melinda shared readings and reflections. We each were offered to find a leaf, internally name a release and to then let go of our leaf downstream. Our time culminated in nourishing brunch prepared by Melinda and close companionship of our shared spirited cycling souls.

Golden Gate Canyon State Park, Upper Mule Deer Trail - September 16, 2022

Early fall color was not the only highlight; we came up close to multiple Moose before heading out on the trail.

Chatfield Paddling and Potluck Experience – August 28, 2022

Suanne and Jared Ediger hosted our annual family-centered end-of summer gathering at Roxborough Cove in Chatfield State Park.

10-Year Celebration of CSE Outdoor Adventures - Roxborough State Park - August 5, 2022

We Celebrated the 10-Year Anniversary of CSE’s Outdoor Adventures at Roxborough State Park! This is where we held our very first hike in August of 2012! Three hikes were offered at three different levels of difficulty.  A fabulous celebration!

Fountain Valley Loop (Easy 2.6 mile hike)

South Rim Loop (Moderate 3 mile hike with moderate elevation gain)

Carpenter Peak (Challenging 6.3 mile hike with 1059 feet elevation gain.)


Highline Walks with Renae Parra - June - August, 2022

Renae led a series of six early morning walks along the favorite parts of the Highline Canal Trail throughout the summer.

Mason Creek, June 2, 2022

We took a 4.6 miles out and back along the Mason Creek trail on the eastern border of Staunton State Park, one of Colorado’s newest state parks. The trail followed lovely Mason Creek for 2 miles, to its junction with the Bear Paw Trail.  Our hike will climb steadily along the banks of burbling Mason Creek.  Spring wildflowers were blooming. 

Red Rock Canyon Open Space - May 11, 2022

Steve and Renae Parra led this moderate 4.5 mile loop trail that combined Red Rock Canyon, Round Up, and Quarry Pass Trails. We enjoyed stunning views of red rock formations, including views of Garden of the Gods. We observed the delicate maneuvers of climbers in this popular rock-climbing destination. A boulder traverse and some unprotected rock stairs added some exhilaration. Following the hike, we enjoyed lunch at Rudy's BBQ.


Waterton Canyon  – March 19, 2022

We hiked approximately 3.5 miles round trip into the canyon.  The trail was well-drained, even after recent snows, and it follows the beautiful, meandering Platte River. We saw a large herd of bighorn sheep, who seemed quite comfortable with our presence.  Janet Johnston provided a wonderful history of this important headwaters of the Highline Canal, as well as scenic points along the river.

Hidden Mesa Open Space Hike – November 11, 2021

We hiked this beautiful trail at the end of the Fall season and celebrated the beauty of Colorado in this season.

Rattlesnake Gulch Trail in Eldorado Canyon – October 7, 2021

We hiked the 3.7-mile out-and-back Rattlesnake Gulch Trail in the historic and magnificent Eldorado Canyon near Boulder. We hiked through towering granite cliffs alongside thunderous South Boulder Creek, experienced dramatic views of the continental divide, and visited the ruins of the historic Crags Hotel.  We shared a late summer tail-gate potluck beside South Boulder Creek. 


Fox Run Regional Park - September 16, 2021

We explored a relatively easy 3-mile section of the trails in this beautiful park near Colorado Springs, searching for Prayer Trees, which were shaped and nurtured by the Ute people for navigation, medicinal, burial, educational, and spiritual purposes. This was a very spiritual hike.


Chatfield Paddling and Potluck Experience – August 22, 2021

Suanne and Jared Ediger hosted this wonderful family-centered end-of summer gathering at the Chatfield Gravel Ponds. We explored the ponds on kayaks and stand-up paddle boards (SUPs). We share a delicious potluck and abundant community.


Three Mile Creek (off Guanella Pass Road) – August 7, 2021

We hiked approximately 9 miles out and back along beautiful Three Mile Creek, a more challenging hiking experience for Outdoor Adventures. The trail crosses numerous primitive bridges, passes an impressive beaver dam, and traverses beautiful summer wildflower meadows.


Mayhem Gulch in Centennial Cone Open Space – July 17, 2021

This popular 4.7-mile lollipop loop trail is hikers/joggers-only on even numbered weekend days. Exposed on the ascent and descent, the trail also enters a pine forested north-facing section that leads to a beautiful wildflower-abundant meadow, where we shared an experience of “forest bathing” to enhance our experience of nature and its healing gifts.

Beaver Brook Trail – June 17, 2021

This moderate trail near Golden descends approximately 800 feet to Beaver Brook, a lovely stream that flows through a high-walled canyon. We discovered abundant wildflowers, including shooting stars. Most of the trail is forested, but the steady climb out of the canyon requires lots of water.


Belcher Trail in White Ranch Open Space – May 19, 2021

We hiked a 3.5 mile out and back section of the Belcher Trail, which traverses the White Ranch Open Space. This trail is considered moderate for its steady incline over rocky surfaces. We entered from the eastern portal near Golden. Wildflowers were abundant!


Gateway Mesa - May 5, 2021

This beautiful 3-mile hike around the top of the mesa includes the newly completed Legacy Trail, which drops down into a magical canyon, blessed by spring rains with dense greenery and mini water-flows. The trail climbs up through a fun slot canyon to rejoin the mesa rim trail. 


Sandstone Ranch – April 22, 2021

We celebrated Earth Day with a lovely reflection from Janet Johnston in this brand new Douglas County Open Space, southwest of Castle Rock. We hiked the beautiful Juniper Valley Trail, a relatively easy 3.4-mile lollipop loop trail. Spring mud was our challenge.

South Platte Park – Friday, January 29, 2021

In Winter, South Platte Park serves as a critical stopping point for migrating bald eagles and nearly two dozen types of water fowl.  Janet Johnston, an experienced birder, guided us to discover some of the birds that visit the park as we hiked along the trail.  

Carson Nature Center – Friday, January 22, 2021

We are all very blessed to have so many beautiful places to explore in Colorado that are just a short distance from St. Luke's.  The Outdoor Adventure team hosted a mid-winter hike along the Platte River Trail and everyone experienced the beauty of Colorado in winter.

Rawhide Trail,  White Ranch Open Space – Wednesday, October 7, 2020 

This hike offered a welcomed mid-week hike in the midst of the splendor of fall colors. 

Reynolds Park – Saturday, September 16, 2020 

The hike at Reynolds Park was offered beautiful views and a refreshing outdoor experience in the foothills close to Denver.  Even though it is close by, it felt like a world away and provided much needed outdoor beauty in our lovely state while navigating the pandemic.  

Shadow Pine Loop Trail at Flying J Ranch Park – Friday, August 28, 2020 

The hike was invigorating on such a gorgeous late summer day.  The outdoor adventures team engaged everyone in a calming and centering experience of Forest Bathing - a practice growing in popularity worldwide. 


High Line Canal Trail to Marjorie Perry Nature Preserve – Saturday, November 9, 2019
This hike was a substitution for our planned hike to Mt. Galbraith, due to ice and mud on the Mt. Galbraith trail. We hiked approximately 2 miles to the beautiful nature preserve, named for this remarkable western woman born in 1886. She had the foresight to protect this serene oasis, surrounded by Greenwood Village, for future generations of nature lovers. 


Rattlesnake Gulch Trail in Eldorado Canyon - Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The Rattlesnake Gulch Trail follows an old wagon road up the south wall of the towering canyon walls to the ruins of the Crags Hotel. A quarter mile beyond the hotel is the beautiful Continental Divide overlook. After hiking we enjoyed delicious “potluck” snacks on the banks of South Boulder Creek.


Hike to Silver Dollar Lake – Saturday, September 21, 2019

Silver Dollar Lake is a beautiful alpine lake that can be reached via a 3.5-mile out-and-back trail off Guanella Pass Road. We were blessed with glimpses of early fall colors along our drive to the trailhead. We shared a snack along the windy shores of the lake. We’re grateful to our intrepid drivers who navigated the rutted road to the upper trailhead.

Chicago Lakes Hike  - Friday, August 16, 2019

We hiked 11.5 mile trail to the stunningly beautiful Chicago Lakes.  We enjoyed the views of the lower lakesand then continued the adventure to the upper alpine lake.  Our hike was made complete with celebratory Rocky Ford watermelon and homemade banana bread at the end of the day.


Hike to Palmer Lake Reservoir - Saturday, August 10, 2019 

This 4.1 mile out-and-back trail climbed through stunning rock outcroppings. We passed a smaller reservoir and continued on to Palmer Lake Reservoir's serene waters.  We ended our hike with a visit to the Rock House Ice Cream Shop, which features over 2 dozen flavors of homemade ice cream!


Alpine Hike on the Burning Bear Trail – Saturday, July 13, 2019

We hiked this gentle out and back trail along beautiful, free-flowing Geneva Creek. We enjoyed beautiful, abundant wild flowers, thanks to late spring moisture. Janet Johnson pointed out “middens” along the trail, created by red squirrels feasting on spruce cones. Sitting on their favorite branch, stump, or wherever, red squirrels pull the outside bits of the cone off, letting them fall to the ground below, and eat the seeds inside.

Spruce Mountain Hike - June 8, 2019

We climbed up through pine forests on a trail with well-designed switchbacks to the top of the mountain, which is actually a butte.  A loop trail at the top circles the mostly level perimeter and offers beautiful views of Pikes Peak, the Palmer Divide, and the beautifully sculpted sheer south face. Our cool wet spring has encouraged the growth of abundant and varied wildflowers. It was great, once again, to welcome new "first-timers" to this outdoor adventure.

Mount Falcon Hike - May 15, 2019

We enjoyed a beautiful, sunny, blue sky Colorado morning at. Mount Falcon. Almost half our group of 18 hikers were newcomers to Outdoor Adventures, which afforded opportunities to meet new people, renew old acquaintances and strengthen our love for our outdoor community. We identified many early spring wildflowers, gazed in awe at the snow-covered peaks and reflected upon the deep spirituality of it all. 


Hiking the Fountain Valley Trail in Roxborough State Park - March 9, 2019

This hike in beautiful Roxborough Park replaced our planned snowshoe trip to Burning Bear, which had a high avalanche risk.

We celebrated the beginning of our 7th year of Outdoor Adventures and shared reflections from Rabbi Jamie Korngold's book, God in the Wilderness


Fall Colors Hike on the Rattlesnake Gulch trail in Eldorado Canyon – October 13, 2018
This hike was cancelled due to trail conditions. We will reschedule this beautiful hike for 2019.

Walter Pesman Trail – September 22, 2018
We caught Colorado’s beautiful aspens at their peak as we traveled to the trailhead at the Dos Chappell Nature Center on Mt. Evans Road. Our trail led us upward through an ancient forest of Bristlecone Pines, open tundra, and stoic rock formations. We enjoyed expansive views of the Mt. Evans wilderness area.

Potluck and Paddling - August 19, 2018 
We connected with one another as we shared a delicious potluck, a lovely Native American reflection, and a beautiful late summer evening. We explored the lake on SUPs, canoes, kayaks, and hydro cycles. And we spotted the nest for a mated Bald Eagle pair that has made Standley Lake their home since 1993.

Chief Mountain - July 21, 2018 
We hiked Chief Mountain Trail and discovered, once again, the beautiful views both along the way and at the top of the mountain. As always, wildflowers were a highlight. 


South Mesa - June 9, 2018 
We hiked the South Mesa/Big Bluestem/Towhee Loop trail near Boulder and discovered a more advanced blanketing of wildflowers that now includes spiderwort, western wallflower, penstemon, showy loco, and larkspur. We also focused on the soundscape, including listening to the many birds that make their homes along the South Mesa trail system.

Deer Creek Canyon - May 6, 2018
We hiked the Meadowlark/Plymouth loop trail. Early rain and warm temperatures transformed the winter landscape with lovely stands of golden banner, sand lilies, spring beauties, and other early bloomers. 


Indian Creek Trail - April 14, 2018

We hiked this 3-mile loop west of Sedalia and the payoff was gorgeous views of Pikes Peak and Devil's Head.  


Staunton State Park - Saturday, March 17, 2018 

On an early spring day, hikers enjoyed the beauty of one of the areas newest state parks. 
Matthews/Winters Loop Trail - Saturday, November 11, 2017

This relatively new Jefferson County Park is a gem, located just 25 minutes from St. Luke's.  The beautiful 4.6-mile loop trail (Red Rocks to Cherry Gulch to Morrison Slide to Red Rocks) led us through a variety of ecosystems.  We stopped frequently to enjoy the lovely vistas and hydrate for the moderately steep inclines.


Fall Colors Hike at Castlewood Canyon State Park - Saturday, October 14, 2017

On a crisp and colorful October morning, we hiked a 5-mile loop around Castlewood Canyon, where we enjoyed beautiful vistas, canyon views and lovely birdsong.  The steep climb up and down the canyon walls were challenging, but we all complete this beautiful hike.  Sharing a potluck tailgate snack at the end of our hikes has become an Outdoor Adventures tradition.


Archaeology Experience - Saturday, September 23, 2017

Jack Warner, past President of the Colorado Archaeology Society, led us on a tour of the Bradford II and III rock shelters that were inhabited by Ancient Peoples 5,000 years ago. We learned about what attracted these early inhabitants to the area and imagined their daily lives, based on the evidence of artifacts. We also visited the ruins of the Bradford-Perley House, built by early European settlers.


Potluck Picnic & Boating at Chatfield Reservoir – August 20, 2017

To celebrate 5 years of outdoor adventures we shared a potluck picnic and stories of favorite summer memories. We explored the shores of Chatfield Reservoir in canoes, kayaks, and Stand-up Paddle Boards.


Dawson Butte Hike - July 15, 2017  

We hiked the 5-mile loop trail through rolling ponderosa pine forests and open meadows full of wildflowers. Janet Johnston described how natural “soundscapes” can promote health and wellbeing, and we enjoyed a quiet interval full of birdsong, rustling breezes, and the occasional knock of tree against tree. 


Evergreen Mountain Hike – June 10, 2017

After being rained and snowed out in April and May, we had a wonderful hike up Evergreen Mountain, a happy substitute for the South Mesa Trail near Boulder, which was experiencing significant construction and an influx of “Ironmen” for their triathlon.  Evergreen Mountain offered lovely spring wildflowers, beautiful views of Mount Evans, and simple moments of connection with one another.


Elk Meadow Park Hike – March 18, 2017

A beautiful warm day forced a change of plans, from snowshoeing to an early spring hike. We noticed new greenery peeking through the dormant meadow; we smelled sun-warmed pine needles; we discovered In Elk Meadow Park an attractive new destination to enjoy the beauty of Colorado’s Front Range.


Geology Hike at North Table Mountain – November 12, 2016

On Saturday, November 12, AnnaJulia (AJ) Preble and friend Estee Medberry led us on a Geology Hike at North Table Mountain near Boulder. AJ and Estee helped us understand how plate shifts, volcanic activity, and river flows have shaped the geography of the Front Range. We learned to interpret clues in the rocks themselves to come up with reasonable hypotheses about geologic events.


Hiking in Golden Gate Canyon State Park – October 15, 2016

Golden aspens at their sparkling peak inspired us as we drove to the trailhead at Panorama Point, where we enjoyed magnificent views of the Continental Divide. Following our invigorating 2 - 3 mile hike, we connected with one another over delicious shared snacks.


Evening potluck picnic and canoeing on the Bear Creek Reservoir – September 11, 2016

We celebrated four years of Outdoor Adventures in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. 


Hike to Devil’s Head Fire Tower – August 27, 2016

The Ediger family (Suanne, Jared, Miles, and Kelsey) led us along this classic Colorado trail to the Devil’s Head Fire Tower, the only working fire tower in Colorado. Beautiful blue skies, towering rock formations, 360-degree views from the fire tower, and Suanne’s homemade snacks made this a memorable day.


Hiking the Walter Pesman Trail off the Mount Evans Highway – July 9, 2016

On this beautiful summer morning we encountered beautiful and abundant alpine wildflowers and the majestic shapes of the bristlecone pine that have survived in this hostile, tundra environment for millennia.


Hiking in Staunton State Park – June 11, 2016

An intergenerational group explored Colorado’s newest state park. A beautiful morning, abundant wild flowers, towering granite cliffs, and a special group of Outdoor Adventurists made this hike memorable.


Climbing Evergreen Mountain – May 14, 2016

We hiked through the soft spring mists that often muffle sound and color in Colorado’s high country. We rejoiced at the summit as the sun briefly burned through the clouds and revealed a snow-covered Mount Evans and the swirling fog pouring into the valley below. 


Hiking at O’Fallon Park – April 9, 2016

Beautiful Colorado Spring weather greeted our hike at O’Fallon Park. Deep evergreens against azure skies, inviting climbing rocks, the music of tumbling streams, and the smell of sun-warmed pine needles created a rich, shared sensory experience.


Snowshoeing at Kenosha Pass – March 12, 2016 

Despite the barren ground along the drive to Kenosha Pass, the high altitude of the Continental Divide provided plenty of snow for snowshoeing, as we considered how snow transforms familiar landscapes. We shared thoughts from along the way over lunch at DW’s 285 Diner.


Seven Bridges Hike – November 14, 2015

We followed the North Cheyenne Creek through the canyon with its beautiful rock formations, frozen falls, and the beautiful light and shadow of a sun emerging over canyon walls. The seven bridge crossings provided us the perfect opportunity to pause along the way to offer thanksgiving and gratitude for the paths we have all traveled this past year, and to move across and beyond to new adventure!


Hike to Mallory Cave – October 17, 2015 

Carson Mallory led our largest group ever on a hike through the beautiful Flatirons wilderness area to visit Mallory Cave, which Carson’s dad, E.C. “Duke” Mallory discovered in 1932. Along the way Carson shared wonderful stories of his family’s early days in Boulder.


Fall Colors Hike at Kenosha Pass – September 19, 2015

Under a glorious Colorado blue sky, we hiked through golden aspens along Section 6 of the Colorado trail. Julie Polikoff shared a beautiful reading from Mark Nepo.


Yoga on the Rocks – August 1, 2015

We were inspired by the early morning beauty of Red Rocks Amphitheater, and we were both inspired and challenged by Core Yoga in this beautiful setting. We shared a tailgate breakfast after our workout.


Evergreen Lake – July 18, 2015

On a beautiful summer evening, we boated and hiked around lovely Evergreen Lake and connected with one another over a potluck picnic.


Archaeology Hike at South Valley Park – June 20, 2015

Jack Warner, President of the Colorado Archaeological Society, led this hike and invited us to imagine the lives of Colorado’s “ancients,” as we visited rock shelters inhabited more than 8,000 years ago. 


Birding Hike – May 30, 2015

Janet Johnston, an experienced “birder,” led us on a journey at Lair O' the Bear to discover the many birds that inhabit the park. 


Hiking the South Rim Trail at Roxborough State Park – April 11, 2015

On this beautiful spring day, we hiked Roxborough’s South Rim up through the rocky Dakota Hogback for views of the majestic Fountain and Lyons formations to the north. Warm spring weather had coaxed out many early wildflowers. We considered  “connections”… with each other, with this beautiful place, and with our deeper spiritual selves.


Flying J Ranch Hike – Saturday, Mar. 21, 2015

On March 21, we traded snowshoes for hiking boots at Flying J Ranch. Looking for signs of the earth awakening to spring, we observed budding new life among the trees and streams bubbling free from crumbling ice. Spending a day like this, in nature, fueled our conversation about wholehearted living.


Spruce Mountain Hike - Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014

Fourteen outdoor adventurists climbed lovely Spruce Mountain near Larkspur and viewed beautiful, sculpted rock outcroppings. We shared our thanks for God's marvelous creation. Lunch at Spur of the Moment following our hike provided time for fellowship.


High Line Canal Trail to the Marjorie Perry Nature Preserve – Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014

A beautiful autumn day blessed our hike along one of the loveliest sections of the High Line Canal trail. We explored the Marjorie Perry Nature Preserve, a tranquil suburban oasis, seeking signs of transformation in nature and reflecting on our own personal "becomings."


Fall Colors Hike to Chief Mountain – Saturday, Oct. 4, 2014

We climbed 11,700 foot Chief Mountain to enjoy panoramic views of snow-covered peaks from Pikes Peak to Longs Peak. Lunch at Little Bear gave us the opportunity to share our adventures.


2-Year Anniversary Celebration: Hike & Picnic-Chatfield Reservoir–Saturday, Sept. 20, 2014

A beautiful early fall evening provided a colorful backdrop for our 2-year Anniversary Celebration at Chatfield State Park. We hiked through the lightly traveled south end of the park, which offered opportunities for reflection and for connecting with one another. Our potluck picnic included roasting marshmallows for s’mores, an Outdoor Adventure Ministry tradition.


Birding at Castlewood Canyon – June 28, 2014

Janet Johnston led us on an ambling 2.5-mile hike through the nesting grounds of song birds breeding in the park. She demonstrated how to view birds through binoculars, make field observations, and identify specific birds in the avian soundscape. 


Alderfer/Three Sisters Hike – May 17, 2014 

Beautiful vistas, abundant spring wild flowers, and rocky outcroppings offered a delightful experience to hikers of all levels.


Mallory Cave Hike – April 12, 2014 

Carson and Michelle Mallory were our guides, sharing information about the geology and history of the area, as well as sacred family stories. Carson’s father, E.C. “Duke” Mallory ‘re-discovered” the cave in 1932 and spent many hours wandering through the thick forests and rocky hill sides that kept the cave hidden for many years. Lunch at Beau Jo’s offered opportunities to share experiences and connect with one another.


Snowshoeing at the Flying J Ranch – March 8, 2014

Fresh snow and clear skies created perfect conditions for snowshoers of all levels to revel in the beauty of Colorado in winter. A lesson on using light and shadow to enhance photo composition stimulated creative results. We shared experiences over hot chocolate and then headed for lunch in Conifer.


Colorado Paint Mines – Nov. 16, 2013 

We explored the magnificent Paint Mines, a little-known geologic treasure in eastern Colorado. Participants discovered a colorful and unique ecological landscape of chasms, spires, overhangs, and carved walls. A picnic lunch offered time for sharing and reflecting.


Harvest Moon Hike – Sept. 21, 2013

Due to flooding, our Harvest Moon Hike was relocated at the last minute to nearby Mt. Falcon Park, where we watched the sun set, roasted marshmallows for s’mores, and experienced the transitional twilight as we waited for the harvest moon to rise.


Overnight at Oliver’s cabin and Gem Lake Hike – August 16, 2013 

Sharon and Bob Oliver hosted us at their mountain cabin and hike to Gem Lake.  Over a simple supper, we shared family stories of connection and inspiration that have transformed ordinary places into sacred spaces.  Hiking to Gem Lake, Bob and Sharon introduced us to more sacred spaces, and we connected through discovery, memory, and awe.


Sunset Canoeing on Chatfield Reservoir – August 1, 2013

We shared a beautiful evening navigating the quiet shores of Chatfield Reservoir with Phil Waltz, a naturalist from South Suburban Parks. Shoreline birds, complemented by the softening evening light, created opportunities to experience renewal through nature.


Tea Ceremony at Botanic Gardens – July 13, 2013

We experienced the deep spiritual tradition of an authentic Japanese tea ceremony at the Denver Botanic Gardens.


Ice Climbers at Helen Hunt Park – March 16, 2013

The beautiful Helen Hunt Falls near Colorado Springs freeze in winter and are a popular destination for ice climbers, who provide a metaphor for vulnerability, courage, and commitment. “There are magnificent spiritual moments on this trail that provide opportunities to reflect on the mystery, mercy and motion of God.”


Winter Weekend Getaway at Tabernash – Jan. 25-27, 2013

Our diverse group (aged 26 to 70) snow-shoed, cross country skied, hot tub’ed, played games, roasted marshmallows, laughed, made new/strengthened old friendships, and marveled together over God’s marvelous creation in winter.  Janet Johnston opened and closed our time together with poems and readings to guide us toward a deeper appreciation of the beauty of winter in our Colorado Rocky Mountains.


Sunset Hike at the Bluffs – Nov. 17, 2012 

We hiked to the Bluff’s Overlook in Lonetree to enjoy a beautiful sunset against panoramic views of the Front Range and to share time for spiritual reflection. A soup supper followed and offered time for fellowship and connection.


Cherry Creek Bike Trail – Oct. 20, 2012

St. Luke’s bikers toured the Cherry Creek bike trail from the Broncos Parkway trailhead to Chandler Recreation Center, experiencing a landscape in transition and sharing time for fellowship and reflection.


Chief Mountain Fall Leaves Hike – Sept. 29, 2012

St. Luke’s hikers scaled Chief Mountain to enjoy the panoramic views of a world in glorious autumn transition, and to gaze with respect on ancient Bristlecone pines.  The broad, open summit offered private places to reflect on pivotal experiences that can open us to the presence of God in our lives.


Roxborough Hike – August 3, 2012

This was our inaugural Outdoor Adventure, and we chose a hidden gem located almost in St. Luke’s backyard.  It was a beautiful early morning, spirit-filled hike, as we enjoyed the ancient sculpted shapes of the Fountain Formation, late blooming wildflowers, bird song, and refreshing morning breezes.





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