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Counseling, Consultation  
and Mentoring

Are you looking for some focused encouragement, support and tools for navigating change and enhancing your emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing?  We welcome the opportunity to partner with you, listen with empathy and help you make meaningful steps toward wholeness, health and fulfillment in all aspects of your life.  Our professional team is passionate about being present to people and inspiring transformative learning, healing and purposeful self-discovery.

Sallie Suby-Long, PhD, LPC 

Sallie is a licensed professional counselor, therapist, spiritual director, minister, and educator who is passionate about transformative learning and inspiring people to discover and embrace their authentic selves.  With compassion, she skillfully guides people to experience growth, wellness, and healing.  Sallie is involved in teaching and research on the transformative role of narrative reflection and finding purpose through life stories. She is the Founder and Director of St. Luke's Center for Spiritual Engagement,  Minister for Healing and Wellbeing and serves on faculty with the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in Leadership at Creighton University. 

Specialties:  Wellness Counseling & Consultation, Education, and Spiritual Direction to guide others toward enhanced wellbeing. 


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Sam is gifted with providing care and presence to others. Sam studied health care administration at Kirkwood College and provided childcare to families for years. Her years of personal and professional experience coupled with her integrity and  love of children and teens have strengthened her passion for the care and nurture of children and youth. She is trained in the process of Holy Listening and offers compassionate mentoring to help children learn, grow, and experience healing. Sam serves as the Director of Early Childhood Education at St. Luke's. 


Specialty:  Holy Listening to support children and teens in their overall wellbeing and health.

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Samantha Leahy


Sharon Oliver



Sharon is passionate about children's education and wellness and knows just how to create a wonderfully vibrant and welcoming environment for children to learn and grow. Sharon has been trained in the art of Holy Listening and welcomes opportunities to support children's holistic health and development. 
She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and is a seasoned communications professional of over 30 years. Her communications talent contributes to her creative and engaging approach with listening to and supporting children. Sharon serves as Director of Children's Ministry at St. Luke's. 


Specialty:  Holy Listening and supporting the education and wellbeing of children and youth. 


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Jenita Rhodes

Jenita has been engaged in supporting children, youth, and adults in their spiritual development and learning for over 20 years. She is trained in the practices of  Spiritual Direction and Holy Listening.  She is actively involved in both group and individual Spiritual Direction/Companionship and leads study groups on a variety of topics. She is passionate about connecting people to their meaning and deeper spirituality.  


 Specialties: Working with children, youth and adults to enhance their spiritual development.  


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