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About Us

Pebble Beach

Our purpose is to foster healing and wholeness in mind, body, heart, and spirit. We inspire connection and wellbeing through learning opportunities, counseling, mentoring, mindful travel, and outdoor and cultural adventures.  


Center for Spiritual Engagement (CSE) experiences offer the opportunity to be challenged to look at the world through a wider lens, to develop authentic relationships, to explore the beauty of nature, and to foster well-being for yourself and for others.


CSE has grown from a simple vision created by a group of colleagues and friends more than a decade ago - to respond to the need for greater meaning and connection, to address integration of all aspects of life - mind, body, heart and spirit - and align purpose, values, and actions that lead to health and wholeness. The following core values are the foundation for our work: 

Our Core Values

We believe in the powerful, healing dynamics of community.  As we engage in reflection, self-discovery,
listening, and new experiences we become more aware of our interconnectedness.  This awareness inspires more
purposeful stewardship for the benefit of the people and issues that matter most to us.
Our purpose is to foster healing and wholeness of mind, body and spirit.  Whole-hearted engagement in
life develops integrated wellbeing and generates a compelling spirit of gratitude and compassion toward
ourselves, others and the earth.
We are dedicated to integrity and honesty in who we are and what we do.  Authenticity enriches our
lives by helping us connect with ourselves and others in a courageous, real way.
We value experiences that spark clarity of purpose, creativity, vibrancy, laughter, courage and thoughtful
action.  Inspiration is central to the formation of a more loving world.
We believe purposeful learning and reflection lead to meaningful transformation of individuals,
organizations and communities.
We believe in creating experiences that honor every person and inspire a sense of warmth, beauty, and
acceptance.  Safe, gracious space supports important inner work and invites people to bring their whole
selves - mind, body, and spirit - into meaningful learning experiences.
As we are renewed in our own health and wellbeing, our generosity of spirit, kindness and
compassionate service expands from our experience of gratitude and fullness.
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