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Videos/Podcasts/Ted Talks 

Louie Schwartzberg “Nature’s Beauty Inspires Gratitude” 

Ted Talk 19 minutes - “We protect what we fall in love with” Pollinators and more

Brave Spaces
CREATION CARE Recommended Resource

UMC Resources

General Board of Church and Society's statement on Environmental Justice

United Methodist Social Principles


Sustainable Church Supplies

Caroline’s Green Living Suggestions:

Monroe Organic Farms 

  • A community supported agricultural farm

  • Family owned and operated

  • Located in Kersey, CO


Natural Grocers aka Vitamin Cottage 

  • Only sells 100% organic produce

  • Screens products to make sure they are not tested on animals, do not contain harmful chemicals, and are ethically sourced.

  • Animal products come from pasture raised, cage free animals

  • Household products are eco-friendly



  • Regularly collects plastic film, multi-layer plastic, light bulbs, batteries, fabric/shoes/textiles, and rotating featured categories such as electronics, kitchenware, holiday décor, etc.

  • Add-on collection (for a fee) of styrofoam, latex paint, and fluorescent light bulbs

  • Approx $40/month (varies by subscription)


Compost Colorado

  • Community drop off ($5/week) or curbside pickup ($10/week) of compostable waste

  • Can also pick up yard waste ($10 per bag)

  • Annual dividend of free compost


Sedalia Landfill (5970 N US Highway 85, Sedalia CO 80135)

  • Will accept recyclable waste (paper, glass, aluminum) for FREE



  • Can recycle almost anything

  • Free recycling programs for certain brands/products

  • Collect recyclables, then mail them to Terracycle in a purchased box with the provided UPS mailing label (drop off at UPS store).

  • I only use it for items I can’t avoid or recycle another way.


Who Gives A Crap 

  • Bamboo and/or recycled paper products

  • 50% of profits go to clean water & sanitation non-profit organizations



  • Located at 19501 E Parker Square Dr, Parker CO 80134

  • Household and personal care products in refillable containers


Products I like:

  • Hi Bar shampoo and conditioner

  • Pacha bar soap

  • Naturally Fresh compostable cat litter (flush the clumps before composting)

  • HoldOn compostable trash bags

  • Seventh Generation dishwasher soap

  • Ever Spring laundry detergent sheets

  • Stasher silicone storage bags

  • Matter compostable sandwich bags

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