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Breathing Into Your Brilliance Wellness Escape Day - May 10, 2024

Melinda Davidson and Dr. Sallie Suby-Long led this beautiful offsite event in early May. With 26 women spanning seven decades it was a true multi-generational experience. Sharing a personal photo and story was the launching pad for our dive into new research-based wellness information and practices. We were encouraged to “live the questions” to attract the answers we are seeking.  The day also included healthy food choices, a guided meditation, and time to meet new friends.

Gentle Yoga with Sharon - Spring 2024

Certified Yoga instructor, Sharon Oliver, led a series of yoga classes in May and June with gentle stretching and reflections on what we can do to make the earth a better place.

National Labyrinth Day - May 4, 2024

Every year on the first Saturday in May thousands of people around the globe participate in World Labyrinth Day as a Moving Meditation for World Peace & celebration of the labyrinth experience.  In each time zone around the world, people walk at 1:00 local time to create a rolling wave of peace. Jenita Rhodes coordinated the St. Luke’s experience in our backyard labyrinth once again this year.  She had a heart for each of us to take on our journey and a small journaling packet we could reflect upon after our walk. As usual, she shares her knowledge of the history, meaning and purpose of the labyrinth.

Book of Hope Class  - April 2024

This three week class was led by our recently formed Brave Spaces Creation Care Team. The class was inspired by The Book of Hope: A Survival Guide for Trying Times. This uplifting book addresses environmental challenges as seen through the eyes of Dr. Jane Goodall, the world’s most famous living naturalist. This conversation was brave and hope-filled. The class was facilitated by many St. Luke's members who shared their expertise and passion for environmental stewardship. Each class shared simple tips we could consider for improving our impact on the environment. We learned about composting, the EPA, gardening, recycling, UMC initiatives on climate justice and so much more!

Flowers! - April 13, 2024

On a Saturday morning in April, multi-talented designer, Lisa Weddel, rooted her almost 40 years of specialty in the floral industry to a room bursting with newly budded, flower-empowered learners to glean Lisa’s expertise and cultivate their own blooming bouquet. The room was filled with the fragrance of a summer field as each participant received a vivid array of flowers of varying colors and textures. Lisa facilitated, with an air of ease for creativity and inspiration, sharing her background as a floral aficionado. Lisa brilliantly nurtured each participant’s eye for aesthetics as well as one’s spirit of style and personal preference in constructing an architectural arrangement that reflected the individual attendee’s flower flair.

Spring Wellbeing Series: Creating Sanctuary - March 18, 2024

In March, Renae Parra and Rev. Sallie led a discussion to describe the meaning of sanctuary, and how it is beneficial to our wellbeing, using the book, Sanctuary, by Terry Hershey, and asked the group of 18 what sanctuary is to them. So many varied and inspirational responses – from Grandmother’s cinnamon rolls to walking in nature to being with animals to playing with children. We can all find sanctuary to bring peace and calm and joy into our lives and enable us to renew and be refreshed.

Winter Wellbeing Series: Journey to Freeing Your Soul - January and February, 2024

Led by Dr. Sallie Suby-Long, this class engaged in thoughtful conversation guided by the inspiration of best-selling author Melody Beattie in Journey to the Heart.  In the beauty of the chapel we explored paths of spiritual growth in the welcoming and engaging company of each other.   As always, we learned from each other’s transparent reflections and life stories with a holistic lens honoring intellectual, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  Our primary areas of focus for this Wellbeing experience were Spirituality and Connection. 

Vision Boards - January 20, 2024

CSE Partnered with St. Luke’s member Diane Lindsay to offer a fun and meaningful time to create vision boards.  Each person created a personal collage of images and words to create a foundation for inspiration and motivation. Our group laughed a lot during the fun and organic process of building the boards and participants enjoyed sharing key points about their vision board.

Yoga/Reiki Experiece - January 18, 2024

A group of 18 yoga and reiki enthusiasts gathered in the chapel for a combined meditation, reiki and yoga experience.  Led by Reiki Master Melinda Davidson and Certified Yoga Instructor Sharon Oliver we appreciated the opportunity to unwind from the busy holiday season and breathe into a time of peaceful contemplation, healing energy and gentle exercise.  A wonderful evening of renewal!


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