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Stories That Change Us - Summer 2024

Brave Spaces hosted three stand-alone experiences with compelling stories that reflect important topics of our time. Stories provided opportunities to see through someone else’s eyes, to widen our worldview, and shape who we are. Topic included racial injustice; the teaching power of nature; and stories of courage, hope and goodwill.

Juneteenth Celebration - June 15, 2024

St. Luke’s Brave Spaces friends joined our friends from Montview Presbyterian Church and Shorter AME Church to enjoy the Juneteenth Parade in Five Points on Saturday, June 15. We greeted friends and elected officials marching in the parade, and we mingled with a wonderfully diverse crowd.

Brave Spaces Legislative Activism - Winter/Spring 2024

The 2024 Colorado General Assembly concluded its work on May 8 after 120 days in which they considered 703 bills. Our Brave Spaces Legislative Advocacy team was active in helping to pass four important racial justice bills. We also advocated successfully for the passage of six new gun safety bills. We continue to learn about the legislative process and how to advocate effectively for racial justice in Colorado. Please visit our Brave Spaces page for a complete readout on our legislative efforts for 2024.


The Book of Hope Class - April 2024  

This three week class was led by our recently formed Brave Spaces Creation Care Team. The class was inspired by The Book of Hope: A Survival Guide for Trying Times. This uplifting book addresses environmental challenges as seen through the eyes of Dr. Jane Goodall, the world’s most famous living naturalist. This conversation was brave and hope-filled. We learned about composting, the EPA, gardening, recycling, UMC initiatives on climate justice and so much more from our Creation Care team experts!

A Christian Response to Gun Violence - January/February 2024

For three Sundays in January/February we met to learn about gun violence in Colorado and the US, and to have conversations about how we, as Christians and members of the St. Luke’s community, can help to reduce the magnitude of this uniquely American tragedy. By our final class on February 11, there had already been 42 mass shootings in 2024, including one in the Denver area. Our follow-up actions may include legislative advocacy around gun safety, a Lobby Day with Moms Demand Action, and additional teaching and learning sessions to engage others. 

How to Fight Racism - October/November 2023

During October and November Brave Spaces offered a our six-week video study How to Fight Racism: Courageous Christianity and the Journey toward Racial Justice by Jemar Tisby. We gathered to continue our journey for racial justice and work toward our goals to be part of the solution. This experience was designed to offer practical ways to answer the question, “What do we do?” – as a church, as a community, as an individual.

This is NOT Who We Are - October 6, 2023

St. Luke’s joined the screening of the documentary, This Is [Not] Who we Are, sponsored by the UMC Mountain Sky Conference’s Racial Justice Movement and Ministries. The documentary was filmed in Boulder, “overwhelmingly white, wealthy, and conflicted about issues of diversity, inclusion, and equity.” We observed powerful scenes in which students and residents of color are challenged, without cause, by armed white police officers. Following the movie, the Director/Producer/Videographer, Katrina Miller, joined the virtual gathering for a Q&A about issues of racial equity and strategies for change.

Descendant Movie and Discussion - August 13 and 20, 2023

The CSE Brave Spaces team invited St. Luke’s to gather on two consecutive Sunday mornings in August to view and discuss the documentary film Descendant, which tells the story of the descendants of the last ship to bring enslaved Africans to the United States. In 1860 an Alabama planter and slave holder, Timothy Meaher, made a bet that he could bring enslaved Africans to Alabama, even though the international slave trade had been outlawed since 1801. He succeeded in transporting 110 enslaved Africans aboard the ship Clotilda, offloading them along the Mobile River and burning and sinking the ship. Today the descendants of the Clotilda continue to live in Africatown, a suburb of Mobile, protecting the story of the crime committed by the Meaher family. Our discussion of this beautiful film, told through the voices of the Africatown descendants, examined the importance of ancestral stories, and the issues of systemic racism, white privilege, and the nature of justice.

Webinar - May 17, 2023

This webinar was presented by the United Methodist Commission on Religion and Race - White Allyship: What it Means to Be an Antiracist Ally


Webinar presented by the University of Denver - In Pursuit of Justice - May 10, 2023


Brave Spaces Legislative Advocacy Lobby Day at the Capitol - May 8, 2023

We participated in Together Colorado’s Faith and Justice Lobby Day at the Capitol, and we attended House and Senate Committee hearings to show our support.

Workshop at Trinity UMC - The Racial Wealth Gap - May 6, 2023

Legislative Advocacy Kickoff - February 9, 2023

On February 9, the Brave Spaces Legislative Advocacy group launched its 2023 kickoff. Special guest Vickie Wilhite from Together Colorado described five priority racial justice bills that have been, or soon will be, introduced to the Colorado Legislature. These bills address equity issues in Climate, Housing, immigration, and Law Enforcement.  Special guest Joely Maddux of St. Luke’s, the Associate Clinical Manager in Cardiac Care at Children's Hospital, described her experiences as a legislative activist with Brave Spaces, and how she uses her expertise in an expanded role as the legislative liaison for health advocacy at Children’s.


The Color of Compromise - January/February 2023

CSE Brave Spaces completed their second offering of The Color of Compromise 6-week class.  This class featured videos by Jemar Tisby and access to online readings each week. St. Luke’s has now had 50 people take this class on anti-racism.

Dirty South Art Exhibit - January 25, 2023

We collaborated with our CSE Cultural Adventures  group to visit this groundbreaking exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown Denver. It explored the traditions and legacies of the Black South and how these traditions have shaped visual art and music in America.

Martin Luther King Jr. MARADE - January 16, 2023

We had many St. Luke's folks join us for this annual celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King as we walk from City Park to Civic Center Park.

The Color of Compromise - Fall 2022

This is an in-person class with a video study based on Jemar Tisby’s book The Color of Compromise: The Truth about the American Church’s Complicity in Racism. The book speaks to the connection between the church and racism throughout American history as well as the author’s thoughts about how Christians can pursue racial justice. This study helped us dig deeper into the topic of racism through personal reflection and group engagement.

Past Immersion Experiences:

February 5, 2022 - Welton Street Cafe

We visited the iconic Welton Street Cafe in Five Points to learn about the challenges of operating a small business in this historic Black neighborhood. We also visited the Black Cultural Museum.

March 20, 2022 - Spirit of Grace Concert

We traveled to the Jordan Chapel AME church to hear Spirit of Grace gospel quartet perform in concert.

December 6, 2023 - Denver Art Museum "Soul of Black Folks" Exhibit 

Docent-led Special Exhibits tour of Soul of Black Folks - an exhibition of Amoako Boafo's art



Collaboration with Trinity UMC and additional partners in facilitated cross-racial conversations. Fall 2021. 





a list of previous wellbeing experiences here

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